For the first time ever, witness multi-award winning magician Richard Griffin incorporate his skilful magic with the latest laser light technology in his new show – ‘Visualize’

Watch him effortlessly manipulate dazzling lasers with his fingertips at the same time as performing his award winning magic – a first in the UK.

It’s a mesmerising light and magic show with a stunning soundtrack to match.

Playing cards appear at his fingers and silver rings float and dance around the beams of light – you’ll see lasers bend and spin in a choreographed show where Richard bends light in front of your eyes.

Visualize is a brand new show from Richard Griffin – one of the most awarded magicians in the UK. You’ll see it – but you still won’t believe it!


  • 5 – 45 minute show              
  • No live music requirement
  • Extremely flexible and easy to work with
  • Suitable for all ages
  • New, different and never before seen routines
  • £10,000,000 public liability insurance cover
  • Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle
  • Member of Equity
  • Minimum floor area 12ft deep by 8ft wide
  • Minimum ceiling height 12ft

Please contact us to find out more or to book.